More recently she has been working with various theatre groups, notably as composer for the RSC play, The Empress. Her first album was recently launched on vinyl by the LUSH record label, ECC100, with a further CD launch in the summer. Her track ‘Sikkim Girls’ inspired the creation of her own perfume sold by LUSH, and she is now also one of their team of composer-consultants, creating the LUSH Spa music and developing an Indian Themed spa. (launch TBC summer 2016).

Her ongoing projects/performances for 2016 include:
1. The Story of Kali’, (the worlds angriest woman) with Emily Hennessey (website), The music was developed based on Raag theory (to colour the emotion), in keeping with the passion of the story.
2. King and Corpse with Tuup (Transglobal Underground) (website: www.crickcrackclub.com)